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Tribute to Cubans who fought for Angola’s independence

agostino neto chicaThe widow of Agostinho Neto, Maria Eugénia Neto, together with their daughter Irene Alexandra, paid tribute to those who died in the struggle for Angola’s independence during a visit to the island this Monday, May 22.

Maria Eugénia, who today heads the Agostinho Neto Foundation, was guided by General Teté Puebla on a tour of the Veterans’ Pantheon of Havana’s Colón Cemetery.

Teté Puebla explained to the guests that this is the final resting place of the veterans of Cuba’s independence wars, those who participated in the clandestine struggle, who fought at Playa Girón and also those Cubans who died fighting in the independence struggles of Angola and other African nations.

“We are indebted to Africa because many men and women brought from there fought against Spanish colonialism in this land,” the General explained.

Maria Eugénia expressed her gratitude for Cuba’s support, noting that thanks to the island’s internationalism, today Africa is free from the nightmare of colonialism.

She added that Africa now needs to be rebuilt, based on the legacy of those who sacrificed themselves and fought for a better world.

The widow and daughter of Agostinho Neto – the latter a deputy to the Angolan National Assembly and director general of the foundation that honors her father – placed roses and gladioli at the tombs.

Maria Eugénia Neto will today be presented with the Mehdi ben Barka Solidarity Order, posthumously awarded by the Organization of Solidarity with the Peoples of Asia, Africa and Latin America (OSPAAAL) to her husband, Agostinho Neto.


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