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Over 1,300 families living in remote areas receive building supplies

Construccion GuantánamoA total of 1,379 families living in remote areas, whose homes were completely destroyed by Hurricane Matthew, have to date received essential materials to rebuild their houses.

The state has provided families with 18 zinc roofing panels, 20 bags of cement, a sink, cables and screws for those living in areas with electricity; while beneficiaries themselves are responsible for obtaining wood, sourced primarily from palm trees and others brought down by the storm.

Two-thousand families are set to benefit from the initiative in the first stage, thus helping to speed up efforts to repair the 8,413 homes totally destroyed by the storm.

The remaining 6,413 dwellings will be rebuilt through a specially designed state construction plan and owners themselves, reported Carlos Martínez Turro, vice president of the Provincial Administrative Council.

Of the over 42,000 homes in the province damaged by the hurricane, recovery efforts have been focused on those which suffered partial or total damage to their roofs, as well as to part of their structure, given that they are quicker and easier to repair as fewer resources are required.

As part of this strategy, all homes which fall into the first two categories are set to be fully repaired by this coming May. Meanwhile, all homes which suffered such damages in the municipalities of Yateras, San Antonio del Sur and Imías have now been restored, stated the vice president.


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