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Cuba and El Salvador aim to strengthen cultural ties

Cuba SalvadorThe governments of Cuba and El Salvador expressed their desire to expand cooperation in the field of culture, a prime example of which is the creation of versions of the Cuban children’s theater group La Colmenita, in the Central American nation, reports Prensa Latina.

The issue was discussed in a recent meeting between Silvia Elena Regalado, Salvadoran Culture Minister, and Cuban Ambassador to the country, Iliana Fonseca, during which the growth of children’s theater groups throughout the Central American nation was highlighted.

“We thank Cuba for its support, especially regarding this issue. We have created 16 groups across different communities and hope to end the year with 10 more, bringing them all together in a grand national festival,” stated Regalado to PL.

Meanwhile, last week Cuban advisors began to impart methodology classes to a group of cultural promoters in the country, responsible for creating new children’s theater companies in the west of the country, using group dynamic and game-based team work techniques, as well as dance-therapy sessions.

According to Marta Palacios, a specialist associated with Cuba’s La Colmenita, founded and directed by Carlos ‘Tin’ Cremata, the aim of every group is to instill values in children through games and theatre, with the entire creative process led by a single individual.

The idea to bring the Cuban experience to El Salvador came from the country’s President Sánchez Cerén and his spouse Margarita Villalta, both of whom are committed to promoting children’s development through the arts and culture.

(Prensa Latina)

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