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Lovers of the world’s best tobacco await upcoming annual event

TabacosssHavana is ready to host the Habano Festival’s 19th edition, February 27 through March 3, when the country’s most outstanding news for 2017 in this sphere will be unveiled. To be announced are details of new cigars, which attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to taste throughout the event.

The H. Upmann line will be among the featured brands during the much-awaited event, presenting its first Grand Reserve 2011 Harvest; as well as Montecristo, which is incorporating a completely new line into its portfolio, to be the company’s most select.

Also sure to attract attention is the Quai D’Orsay, a Cuban cigar with a French name, to be featured on the Festival’s first day when of a promising new design and two new vitolas are introduced.

Over five days, participants in the traditional event will enjoy a complete program to learn about the origins and fabrication of cigars, and the most diverse aspects of the culture surrounding tobacco.

The festival includes visits to the plantations of Vuelta Abajo, in the country’s westernmost province of Pinar del Río, considered the best land on the planet for the cultivation of tobacco; as well as tours of the cigar factories La Corona and H. Upmann, located in Havana, and responsible for rolling the new cigars to be launched this year.

Attendees will enjoy three nights of the country’s best music, featuring international artists with renowned careers, Cuba’s most outstanding gastronomy, and the tasting of cigars and drinks from different parts of the world.

The opening of the Commercial Fair in the Havana International Convention Center, as well as the Welcome Night set to take place at the Club Habana located on the city’s waterfront and dedicated to H. Upmann’s Grand Reserve 2011 Harvest, will mark the beginning of the event on February 27.

The Commercial Fair provides a point of contact for tobacco industry professionals from around the world who attend, including exhibitors of luxury items, as well as artisans, artists, manufacturers of smoking accessories and gourmet products.

The program includes classes and master lectures, led by recognized experts in the field, during the International Seminar scheduled for March 1.

The traditional International Habanosommelier Contest, which this year reaches its 16th anniversary, features experienced Habanosommeliers – specialists in the pairing of cigars with different spirits and foods – from around the world, who will have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills and win the competition’s coveted prize.

A spokesperson from Habanos S.A. company, which sponsors the event, told Granma International that a gala evening event on March 3 will close the 19th Habano Festival, and feature the Montecristo brand with the presentation of its new premium line. It should be a night of many surprises, including the awarding of the Habanos 2016 Prizes, as well as the traditional humidor auction, through which funds are raised for the Cuban Public Health system.

The Habanos, S.A. company distributes 27 brands of premium, hand-rolled cigars, all with designation of origin certification, outstanding among which are Cohiba, Montecristo, Partagás, Romeo y Julieta, Hoyo de Monterrey and H. Upmann. The island treasures its 200 year history of cigar making, and is a world reference in the field.


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