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ETECSA and Google sign agreement to improve services in Cuba

google etecsaThe Cuban Telecommunications Company (ETECSA) and U.S. company Google confirmed this December 12 the signing of an agreement to offer the Google Global Cache service on the island, as was agreed on November 23, with the intention of improving the online experience of Cubans using products from the world’s leading search engine.

The agreement was signed by Mayra Arevich, ETECSA executive president, and Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, a company specializing in Internet products and services, software, electronic devices and other technologies.

This agreement will provide greater speed, quality of services and optimization of ETECSA’s international network by installing local servers on the island, thus reducing the access time for Google internet content including some of the most popular and more bandwidth-intensive content, such as YouTube videos.

Google’s presence in Cuba dates back to 2014, when a number of products such as Google Chrome, Google Play and Google Analytics were launched for the first time. A few months ago, thousands of extensions and free themes were also made available in the Chrome Web Store so that Cuban users could personalize their experiences when browsing the web.

According to the official Google blog for Latin America, these projects pursue the common goal of making global information accessible and useful for all, regardless of costs, connectivity, or language barriers.


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