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Fidel, a Revolution of Utopias

Fidel boinaBy Ilka Oliva Corado,Translated by Marvin Najarro

We’ve had the generational privilege of having known a man who marked the history of Latin America and the world. The most brilliant statesman that the Great Homeland could have ever given birth to. The tireless fighter for fairness, social equality and justice. We have had the honor of having known a man of integrity, in words and deeds, who demonstrated with his own life that consciousness, ideals and principles are neither bought nor sold. They must be defended!

We have known an authentic and natural leader, a tireless champion of human rights and freedom for the humiliated and oppressed peoples. We have coincided in the history of time, with a loyal, lucid and consistent man. There are no words that can express in the most beautiful poetry, or in the most studied discourse, the transcendence of a human being like Fidel.

In the history of humanity very few have achieved immortality; Fidel is one of them. He leaves behind a legacy of love, brotherhood and political and human consistency to the peoples of the world. Anyone who thinks of Revolution, anywhere in the world, should have Fidel and the Cuban people as his guide. Anyone who thinks of rebellion will have to know that Fidel Castro Ruz himself is the embodiment of it. It is an inimitable rebellion in every cell and every word, in each action. In every yearning and utopia turned reality.

We have been privileged to know about one of the most outstanding men of all time. It is our duty to continue with his legacy. He leaves us an enormous lesson of humanity and humility, of brotherhood, integrity, identity and beliefs.

We shouldn’t shed tears for Fidel; we must honor and learn from him; celebrate and be thankful for having a brother who walked through the earth leaving indelible marks on the peoples’ dignity; honoring him in our struggles for the same ideals: a fair, equitable and egalitarian world; free!

Fidel is not going away; he remains in the immortality of time, in the hearts and the yearnings of the peoples who fight for their freedom.

Fidel is not leaving us, he has become poetry, wind, light, and he has become river, volcano, and pathway. He has become an eternal Revolution that not even death will bend.

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