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Neighborhood debates kick off in Guantánamo

Guantanamo vecinosCommittees for the Defense of the Revolution in this heroic town, which borders the illegal U.S. Naval Base in Guan­tánamo, inaugurated activities aimed at discussing and strengthening values (especially anti-imperialism), which will continue across the country through March 2017.

Dr. Noralis Palomo Díaz, president of the province’s José Martí Cultural Society, spoke about the anti-imperialist legacy of Cuba’s National Hero, Fidel Castro and the Cuban people; while Guantánamo City Historian, José Sánchez Guerra with a Sciences Masters degree, described the dire state of Caimanera before the triumph of the Revolution.

He recalled that up until January 1, 1959, there were practically no doctors, schools or jobs in the town, which was instead full of brothels and the streets were ruled by the U.S. marines, who did as they liked, protected by local authorities and a series of submissive governments. This was the “well-being” that the empire offered residents of Caimanera, he noted.

Elementary school children from the municipality and across the entire island demand the U.S. government lift the blockade and return the territory illegally occupied by the Naval Base in Guantánamo, stated Linka Dailiana Matos Pupo, seventh grade student at the town’s Pavel Rojo High School, during her speech. Meanwhile, Dr. Humberto Hodelín Mainart highlighted the work of the Revolution in the healthcare sector and the example of Cuban doctors renowned for their altruistic collaboration efforts worldwide. In contrast, he highlighted how the U.S. government undertakes numerous actions, such as the Parole program, which attempt to encourage Cuban medical professionals to abandon their missions in other countries.

Obama called on us to forget the past, which is the same as asking us to betray our principles and homeland, stated Orestes Yánez Mestre, national CDR deputy coordinator, who also reported that neighborhood debates will be held in country’s over 18,000 CDR zones.

He stressed that today, imperialism is changing its methods but not its objective to destroy the Revolution, thus we must think of Martí when he said that if the war we are undertaking is one of thought then we must prepare ourselves to win it by thought; also citing Che, when he said that imperialism can not be trusted, not even one iota.

Zones undertaking outstanding work in the formation of values were recognized at end of the neighborhood debate, held in José Martí Park.


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