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Solidarity actions denounce U.S. blockade and terrorism

bloqueo cartelThe opening of a photographic exposition entitled Solidarity vs Blockade reminds viewers of the unjust imprisonment on September 12, 1998 of the Cuban Five, finally freed after voices were raised in Cuba and around the world for over a decade.

The photos, exhibited at the headquarters of the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the peoples (ICAP), capture events held by friends around the world in support of the Cuban Revolution, including those of Pastors for Peace, the Venceremos Brigade, and the Juan Ríus Rivera Brigade, of U.S. and Puerto Rican citizens who have asserted their right to travel to Cuba without requesting a license from the U.S. Treasury Department.

The exhibit was opened within the framework of ICAP sponsored events around the theme “We remember. Solidarity against the blockade and terrorism,” which began September 4 with a commemoration recalling the life of Fabio di Celmo, killed by a mercenary bomb placed inside the Copacabana Hotel. Activities will conclude October 27 with an overwhelming United Nations vote demanding an end to the blockade.

Upon inaugurating the exhibit, ICAP President Kenia Serrano Puig emphasized that the victims of terrorism against Cuba will never be forgotten, saying “What will ensure justice is solidarity,” and calling for actions on the 17th of every month to denounce the blockade and support sovereignty and social justice, as agreed at the 2015 People’s Summit held in Panama.


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