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Chavista mobilization peacefully answers opposition offensive

Maduro oposisicionWith an impressive mobilization in the streets of this capital city, the revolutionary people of Venezuela confirmed their support to the Bolivarian government and rejection of violence, frustrating a coup offensive announced for September 1 by the opposition leadership.

“Peace has triumphed once again. They threatened to assault Caracas and the people of Caracas came out onto the streets by the thousands,” President Nicolás Maduro said, as he addressed the Chavista crowd that filled Bolívar Avenue and other principal streets.

The President reported that the coup attempt was turning out to be a fiasco, as several plans for violence by paramilitaries around the country were dismantled, while recognizing the sensibility and adherence to constitutional law shown by those participating in the opposition march of 30,000 held in the capital.

“We have been capturing mercenaries in the northern zone of Caracas, among them an encampment of 92 Colombian paramilitaries deployed 500 meters from Miraflores, and important right wing leaders with plans to place bombs, with weapons, with millions of real and counterfeit dollars, prepared to attack their own people,” he detailed.

“There are still ambushes to unmask. We are looking for several criminals they paid to commit crimes against the people, and those who paid,” Maduro added, indicating that the documentary evidence was published in state communications media.

He congratulated the Bolivarian National Armed Forces for guaranteeing the peace on the date – with firm, timely action – and explained that over the coming days, the military and intelligence mobilization will continue, to prevent any violent provocation.

Maduro likewise expressed his gratitude for the solidarity and demonstrations of support received from several peoples and governments around the world, and insisted that the victory achieved this September 1 obliges the people to remain vigilant, since it will provoke “vengeful desperation” among right wing opposition leaders.

He denounced the National Assembly President himself and several bourgeois leaders who were aware of the violent plans, and called for the naming of a special commission to investigate these links, while announcing the possible promulgation of a decree to waive parliamentary immunity for those holding office, to prevent its use for the planning and perpetration of crimes.

“I will file charges against Ramos Allup, in national and international courts, for his constant expressions of fascism, intolerance, discrimination, and violence,” Maduro said.

He emphasized that the response of the Venezuelan people to defend the peace will continue for several days, with a broad cultural and recreational program which will maintain the revolutionary occupation of the streets, while announcing a new political and productive offensive to reverse the most pressing effects of the oligarchy’s economic war by the end of the year.


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