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Industrial production and development discussed

informe asamblea industriasinforme asamblea industriasDetails on the implementation of Ministry of Industry policies, progress on projects underway, and investments projected were presented to the National Assembly of People’s Power prior to the 8th Legislature’s 7th Period of Ordinary Sessions.


According to information shared, among the principal shortcomings in the industrial sector involved the export of steel billets, given breakdowns in steelworks. The solution to this problem, and those of the steel industry in general, Pardo said, lies in the modernization of the José Martí Steel Enterprise, where investments are already underway and will begin to bear fruit in 2018. Renovations will begin next year, as well, on the plate mill in Las Tunas, he reported.

Pardo Cruz emphasized three key industrial policies being implemented: the promotion of recycling; the efficient use of machinery and equipment; and development of the wrapping and packaging industry.



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