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Committed to the land

committed landThe determination of Cuban campesinos to increase production, as the only solution to lowering food prices, was reaffirmed during the national celebration of the 55th anniversary of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) and Campesino Day, held in this mountain community.

Vega de Limones, a beautiful spot within the Matías Popular Council, deep in the Sierra Maestra, was the scene of the event dedicated to Fidel’s 90th birthday and the founding of the farmers’ organization.

Santiago was recognized as the country’s leading agricultural province, by

Santiago Pérez Castellano, head of the Party Central Committee’s agricultural-food department, with Rafael Santiesteban Pozo, ANAP president, and provincial leader Luis Vinent Perera in attendance.

The historic community of Tercer Frente was honored as the country’s greatest coffee producer, along with San Luis as a National Vanguard food producer, by Lázaro Expósito Canto, first Party secretary in the province.

During the event, Gonzalo Pérez Ortiz, from the José Antonio Echeverría Cooperative (Songo-La Maya),and Mariuska Ortega Pérez, from the 26 de Julio Cooperative (Contramaestre), reiterated their commitment to defend the Revolution, which gave them ownership of the land they work and dignity.

In his remarks, Santiesteban Pozo, noted that ANAP has arrived at this anniversary with 3,321 grassroots branches and the incorporation of 11,859 new members, including many young farmers.

He emphasized that the steps taken by the country to support farmers now demand that campesinos make the most of agricultural land at their disposal, and apply the latest scientific and technological knowledge to increase efficiency and the sustainability of food production.


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