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Cubans 60 years of age and older reach 19.4% of the population

cuba ejrcicios fisicosCuba ended 2015 with an estimated population of 11,239,004 inhabitants, only 727 people more than last year, for a growth rate of 0.06 per 1,000, according to the National Statistics and Information Office’s Center for Population and Development Studies, published on the website

The data confirms the national trend of population growth rates close to zero, evident since 2004.

Reported were 125,064 births, 2,421 more than in 2014, but deaths surpassed last year at 3,381, while some 25,000 persons emigrated.

The province of Havana continues to have the highest population with 2,125,320 residents, followed by the eastern provinces of Santiago de Cuba (1,056,355) and Holguín, 1,036,572.

Regarding the aging of the population, the report indicated that the percentage of Cubans 60 years of age and older reached 19.4%, while those between 0 and 14 represent 16.5% of the total.

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