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Cuban industry to assemble nearly two thousand wheelchairs

Cuba sillas de ruedaThe Cuban iron and steel industry will assemble almost two thousand wheelchairs this year, for the public health system and to meet the needs of people with disabilities.

This important work forms part of the import-substitution projects conducted annually by the Ministry of Industry, in accordance with guideline no. 87 of the Economic and Social Policy Guidelines of the Party and the Revolution.

Workers at the Ángel Villareal Bravo Base Enterprise Unit (MINERVA), in the province of Villa Clara, are responsible for assembling the different models that will be distributed in hospitals, polyclinics and the Cuban Association of Persons with Physical and Motor Disabilities (ACLIFIM), through the country’s Medical Supplies Enterprise.

Edgar Simón Machado, sales manager of the enterprise, which belongs to the Iron and Steel Industry Business Group (GESIME), told the Cuban News Agency that they are currently manufacturing various models, ranging from 36 inches high for children up to 52 inches for adults.

He noted that a new model that allows patients to keep affected legs elevated, which has been very well received among the population, is being produced following the agreement of health specialists.

He also stressed the rigorous quality control process in each of the production lines.

Machado highlighted that the ACLIFIM tripled its orders for 2017 at the recently concluded Third National Business Fair held in Havana’s Expocuba exhibition center, meaning MINERVA must ensure the raw materials to supply the agreed quantity of wheelchairs.

This enterprise unit has also manufactured tricycles for the disabled and sports wheelchairs for disabled basketball and athletics.

Together with these important products, the enterprise makes traditional and electric bicycles, with are in high demand across the country.


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