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Raúl congratulates Central Army

Raul-Castro-4President Raúl Castro sent a message to the Central Army yesterday, April 4, on the occasion of its 55th anniversary

Author: Raúl Castro Ruz |

april 5, 2016 09:04:57

Havana, April 4, 2016

Year 58 of the Revolution

Central Army combatants:

On the occasion of the 55th anniversary of this command – born amidst increasing enemy hostility, the heat of the struggle against bandits, and just a few days before the mercenary invasion at Playa Girón – I congratulate you on this date for the results achieved in your sacred mission of defending the homeland.

The history of this command includes your valuable contribution to confronting enemy aggressions, undertaking internationalist missions, protecting the population and the economy in the face of natural phenomenon, strengthening constantly your capacity and combative disposition, as well as in the consolidation of our concept of strategic defense: the war of our entire people.

Accept a strong embrace,

raul firma

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