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Half a million infants to receive polio vaccine in upcoming campaign

vacuna antipòlio niñosSince February 26, 1962, to date, 85 million doses of polio vaccine have been administered in Cuba, making the country the first in Latin America to eradicate this devastating childhood disease

The entire population under 68 years of age has been protected, according to Dr. Marlén Valcárcel, director of the Ministry of Public Health’s (Minsap) National Immunization Program, reported ACN, with children under three years of age being immunized initially as infants, plus a subsequent booster.

The doctor reported that during the second stage of the 55th national campaign, March 28 through April 3, a second dose of the vaccine will be administered orally to almost half a million children, 372,856 under the age of three.

(Tomado de ACN)

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