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There is a lot of creative energy in Cuba

vicepresidente GoogleAlthough Cuban citizens have been able to download Google Chrome and access various elements of Google Analytics since 2014, any individual using a Cuban IP address is still blocked from using services and applications such as AdSense and AdWords.

Given these limitations, Vinton G. Cerf, vice president of Google – the world’s leading search engine – expressed his hope that Barack Obama’s upcoming visit would lead to the elimination of such restrictions. “There is a lot of creative energy in Cuba,” he stated.

Another aim of our visit is to see, learn and access the island’s telecommunications and computer science spaces, above all now that trade relations between the two countries are changing, Cerf added in response to questions from the press. The Google vice president offered a keynote speech entitled “The history of computer sciences in the world”, as part of the series of talks offered by professionals at the International Telecommunications Symposium, which since Wednesday, March 16, has been taking place in the context of the International Computer Sciences Fair and Convention 2016.

Why is the internet so successful? How has it endured in the face of the most modern technologies and why is it still one of the most popular platforms used to connect us to the world? These were some of the questions explored by Vinton Cerf during his presentation. He noted that there are over three billion internet users worldwide. The reason why this figure continues to grow is due to the dynamic structure of the internet which is able to adapt to any “new invention.”

In regards to Google’s use of the exorbitant quantity of personal data which exists on the internet, the specialist clarified that since the controversy that was unleashed with U.S. National Security Agency’s surveillance program, the organization has begun to encrypt personal’ information in order to protect users’ privacy.


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