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Syrian diplomat praises Cuban support

Cuba siria diplomaticoDr. Loai Aloja, chargé d’affaires of the Syrian Arab Republic in Havana, described the fraternal relations between his government and Cuba as those of sister nations, exemplified by the island’s support for independence causes in the Arab nation.

Speaking with national media in Havana, the diplomat referred to Cuba’s continued support in defense of the anti-colonial struggles of underdeveloped countries. He noted that the leaders of the Revolution, the Communist Party of Cuba and institutions, have never held back on providing political support for movements fighting for national sovereignty.

With regard to Syria and the Ba’ath Party, he stated that Cuba has denounced military aggression promoted from abroad, and the interventionist pretensions of Western powers in the country, in international forums. “Cuba presents its opinions in an open manner and without shying away, based on a position of internationalist principle,” he said.

The diplomat explained that his country has suffered a major media campaign of distortion and lies against the government of Bashar al-Assad. President al-Assad followed the path of his father Hafez al-Assad, who led the revolution of March 1963 and guided the state toward sustainable development and unity among different ethnic and religious groups.

From 2011, attempts to convince the world that profound internal conflicts existed within Syria began. It has been demonstrated that military hostilities were unleashed by armed terrorist groups, funded and supported by Western imperialist powers, with the aim of appropriating the country’s natural and material resources.

In recent months, the Syrian army, backed by Russia and Iran, has seen important victories in the northern province of Aleppo, one of the areas closest to the Turkish border, where they broke the siege of the towns of Nabal and Al-Zahra. Meanwhile, in the south of the country, the towns closest to the city of Daraa were liberated, and a process of reconciliation and internal dialogue was initiated, Loai Aloja stated.

Given the victories achieved in this irregular warfare, the United Nations convened the Geneva III peace talks in January 2016, with the objective of commencing negotiations. However, while the Syrian government sought a political solution, opposition groups, following orders from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, and colonialist objectives, refused to cooperate.

The economic cost of this war is being paid by the population, who face scarcities of food and other goods. In this regard, Loai Aloja explained that in December 2015, Syrian Health Minister Nizar Yazigi signed an agreement with Cuban authorities for the purchase of medicines, adding “The international prestige of Cuba in the field of health is no secret.”

In addition, twenty young Syrians are studying at universities on the island, primarily medical degrees, and the diplomat thanked Cuba for its solidarity in training professionals from developing countries.

Both countries expressed their common interest in developing and promoting bilateral relations based on mutual respect, non-interference in the internal affairs of states, economic exchange and the defense of the sovereign principles of each nation.

“Wherever I introduce myself and say I am Syrian, I am met with a positive reaction in this country, whose people always express their solidarity with my people. A spirit of brotherhood and support prevails,” Aloja noted, and pointed to the high level of knowledge Cubans demonstrated regarding international events, especially in the Middle East.

The head of the diplomatic mission stated: “The Cuban people are great, they defeated the great imperialist powers with their social achievements, their medical missions and their example; they have provided lessons in resolve and loyalty to the homeland, in sovereignty and dignity. It is natural that the Cuban people are on the side of the Syrians, the two have the same enemies and are in the same trench.


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