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First imported case of Zika virus detected in Cuba

zikaThe first imported case of Zika virus has been detected in a 28 year old Venezuelan doctor from the state of Aragua, who arrived to the country on February 21, 2016 to begin postgraduate studies in gastroenterology, and was staying at the Machurrucutu student residence in the municipality of Bauta, Artemisa province, together with 37 other doctors. All individuals have been quarantined for epidemiological surveillance. (International Health Control).

The patient awoke on February 22 with a fever of 37.5 degrees, by the evening of the 23rd the young doctor had begun to experience joint pain with a rash also appearing on her face and torso. On the 24th she was admitted to the Pedro Kouri Institute of Tropical Medicine, where she is currently hospitalized. She has been free from fever since her admittance, is currently showing signs of good health with no trace of conjunctivitis, while the rash has begun to fade.

The patient reported that her husband had been clinically diagnosed with Zika two months ago while her brother-in-law had contracted the virus two weeks prior to her departure.

On February 25 the results of a CRP blood test taken on the patient’s admittance to hospital proved negative for Zika; however given the patient’s symptoms and epidemiological background the test was repeated on February 28, with the results proving positive for the Zika virus on February 29th.

The other Venezuelan professionals are currently being monitored, although none have presented symptoms thus far.


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