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Unilever Suchel S.A. joint venture established in Mariel Special Development Zone

unileverThe creation of the Unilever Suchel S.A. joint venture, which will operate in the Mariel Special Development Zone (ZEDM), was reported yesterday during a ceremony held at this strategic location for the development of Cuba’s economy.

The ceremony was led by Ana Teresa Igarza, director general of the ZEDM Office, and Lilianne Ploumen, minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, in addition to Pedro Fraga and Fabio Prado, presidents of Intersuchel S.A. and Unilever Mexico & Caribbean, respectively.

The Dutch company Unilever N.V. and the Cuban Intersuchel S.A., form the joint venture authorized to operate in the ZEDM, with total investment of over 35 million dollars.

The start of production is scheduled for the end of 2017, for which a modern plant will be built for the manufacture of cleaning, personal care and household products of the Sedal, Rexona, OMO, Lux and Close-Up brands.

The joint venture will also be responsible for marketing and wholesale distribution of these products in the domestic market, given the growing demand of the population, together with that generated by increased tourism.

Unilever Suchel S.A. will create some 300 new jobs and also advance the introduction of innovative management methods and the use of technological equipment, with high standards of safety and environmental protection.

Speaking to the press, Ploumen noted that the creation of this joint venture will encourage increased trade relations between Cuba and the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The Dutch minister is currently on an official visit to the island, heading a delegation of 77 companies, as well as sports and cultural organizations.

The head of Unilever Mexico & Caribbean, Fabio Prado, expressed high expectations for the venture, considering that Unilever brands are recognized throughout Cuba given their former presence in the domestic market.

We hope to positively impact Cuban society and economic growth, he stressed, while reiterating the commitment to consumers and the preservation of the environment.

Founded over 120 years ago, Unilever is one of the world’s leading suppliers of food, household and personal care goods, operating in one hundred countries, with sales in over 190.

Unilever Suchel S.A., the first Dutch-financed venture approved to operate in the ZEDM, is the ninth company to be established there, together with others from Mexico, Spain, Belgium, Brazil and Cuba.

Created in November 2013, the ZEDMis intended to promote sustainable economic development in the nation by attracting foreign investment and technological innovation.


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