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Cuban social programs will continue to benefit of collaboration

magalys-estradaCuba will continue making possible the cooperation of international organizations and foreign governments towards priority sectors of the country such as food, energy, hydraulics, sanitation, public health and education.

Magalys Estrada Diaz, general director of Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment, MINCEX, said that in the coming year they will work to achieve better coordination between local governments and relevant ministries so that around 200 million dollars entering the country by way of international cooperation are implemented quickly.

Speaking to the press during the working session of the standing committee of the sixth ordinary session of the Eighth Legislature of the National Assembly of People’s Power, Estrada said her department works in the monitoring and control of collaborative projects to enhance priority issues the country has and their efficient implementation is achieved.

Estrada Diaz said that taking into account the results at the end of the year which are not yet those expected- there are still reserves to materialize collaborative projects.

Transparency characterizes the international cooperation with Cuba, the MINCEX official said, who stressed that donors, international organizations and governments can track projects and resources to the final goal.

According to the MINCEX official, one of the objectives for 2016 in this area will be to reverse the obstacles that persist today in the economy for the execution of the collaboration, noting the Ministry of Public Health and the Office of the Historian of Havana are two good examples in implementing efficient mechanisms for collaboration.


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