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Valuable lessons learned

FAR ejerciciosAs a commemoration of Revolutionary Armed Forces Day, marking the anniversary of the Granma yacht’s departure from Mexico in 1956, military exercises were successfully conducted November 28-29, to ensure the nation’s readiness to defend its conquests in the event of any aggression.

Young officers, soldiers, civilian workers, reserves, and the general population participated in the training, to allow for evaluation of technical skills and weaponry.

Notable among the activities which took place on the 29th were exercises completed by students and professors at the José Antonio Echeverría Polytechnical Instiute and the University of Computer Sciences, who are members of the reserves affiliated with the Rescate de Sanguily tank unit.

Observing the maneuvers was Army Corps General Leopoldo Cintra Frías, Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR), as participants demonstrated how they are maintaining skills acquired during their active military service.

Yasbrán Zayas Pozo, a mechanical engineering student, commented on the importance of the reserves saying, “Our principal mission as reservists is to be prepared in times of peace, to be able to face any eventuality. We have noted that this day of work has been well organized, we had the opportunity to rotate through all the practice areas, prepared with all appropriate security measures, and all the logistics were in place.”

Also attending this event was Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Álvaro López Miera, among other FAR leaders.

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