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Council of State Announcement

Abelardo-Colome-IbarraThe Council of State, at the proposal of its President, agreed to accept the request submitted by Army Corps General Abelardo Colomé Ibarra, decorated Hero of the Republic, to relinquish his membership on the Council of State and his responsibility as Minister of the Interior, as well as his transfer to the Military Reserves

Likewise, in consideration of his extensive revolutionary career, the Council of State agreed to award him the Service to the Homeland Order in the First Degree.

As a demonstration of his lack of attachment to any position, and his proverbial modesty and loyalty to the Revolution, in February of 2013, prior to his election by the National Assembly to the Council of State, he offered to relinquish his position as a vice president of this body, to support the promotion of the new generation.

Now, when he recognized that his health limited the fulfillment of his important responsibilities, he did not hesitate to resign, demonstrating his confidence in the future of the Cuban Revolution and socialism, as he wrote in his letter, which will be made public.

The Council of State, at the same time, approved the promotion to Minister of the Interior of Division General Carlos Fernández Gondín, member of the Party Central Committee, National Assembly deputy, and first deputy minister of this entity, who has an extensive record of service to the homeland.

Additionally, promoted to the position of First Deputy Minister of the Interior is Vice Admiral Julio Cesar Gandarilla Bermejo, current head of military counter-intelligence, member of the Central Committee and a National Assembly deputy.


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