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Good practices by the University of Computer Sciences

ciencia universidadThe Level 2 distinction awarded the University of Computer Sciences, in recognition of its Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) software production and development, must be added to the already long list of achievements realized by the institution this year.

The distinction validates good software management practices. There are also other higher levels which recognize different aspects of software production, but level 2 marks a stage in which the structured collection of practices begin to describe the characteristics of effective processes.

To find out more about this accomplishment, Granma International spoke with Dr. Miriam Nicado García, rector of the University.

“A level 2 certification means that production is well documented, managed and organized. It’s great for us to know that our good practices are receiving external recognition. This ensures that no errors occur when software is installed in an entity.

“Good practices when installing software result in a very small margin of error which gives us greater international visibility. From this point on, when speaking about the UCI we can now say: University of Computer Sciences, CMMI certified production processes – a mark of quality.

What is the impact of this achievement on the process of computerizing Cuban society?

To have an institution in Cuba with an internationally certified production process represents a step forward in the digitalization of Cuban society, given the existence of an institution deemed capable of producing quality software for the country and the world.

At this moment we have many tasks to carry out in order to quickly and safely digitalize Cuban society, a step which guarantees an effective computerization process, because good practices ensure that all requirements are met upon implementation.

This recognition represents an achievement for the country and for the policy of computerizing Cuban society as a whole.

Do you aspire to achieve similar results in the sphere of teaching or reach the highest levels of the CMMI?

Yes. In January this year we implemented a specialist Masters degree in Software Project Management.

We are currently in the process of receiving our international software production certification, and before the end of the year, we hope to see the teaching process accredited.

It would be a greatly successful 2015 for the UCI if we are able to end the year with a part of the postgraduate course accredited, as well as the production and training process, and we would be well on our way to fulfilling the goals we have been working toward this year.

The work never ends in Cuban universities. We are always striving to create, to achieve better results, innovate, put ourselves at the service of society, find new avenues for development, and I believe that this certification and the others we have planned has been a good step.

How many students are currently enrolled at UCI?

The first year enrolment quota is currently quite high, with 1,056 students, and another 1,700 over the remaining years, which means that at present, we have approximately 3,000 students from across the entire country taking courses.

The staff is relatively young. Around 70% are under 35 years of age, but the combination of youth and experience is both a strength and a challenge. Many of the teachers working at the university are Masters graduates, Doctors, senior academics or assistant professors, and, from a policy point of view, we are trying to ensure that the youngest faculty members carry on to earn their Masters and Doctorate degrees; giving them the opportunity to grow as professionals.”

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