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Tribute to rural women

mujer ruralThe International Day of Rural Women was celebrated by the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) at the “Cuba Socialista” agricultural cooperative this October 15, while also offering a chance to mark World Food Day, celebrated today.

ANAP President Rafael Santiesteban Pozo, noted in a speech that the United Nations General Assembly established the date of October 15 to honor rural women in recognition of the role and decisive contribution of women in promoting agricultural development, improving food security and eradicating poverty.

“In our country we have more than 66,000 women members of the rural organization with an upward trend in line with activities developed in conjunction with the Federation of Cuban Women,” he said.

Women’s presence in management positions of cooperatives and at other levels demonstrates a significant advance, as well as the number of compañeras with scientific-technical responsibilities, Santisteban Pozo added.

FAO representative to Cuba, Theodor Friedrich, read a message from the secretary general of the organization highlighting the urgent outstanding tasks in order to eradicate the food issues that continue to deeply affect the world today.

The ANAP and FMC recognized Dorila Marrero Marrero, a leading member of the Pedro González credit and services cooperative in the municipality Madruga, and the female members of the agricultural cooperatives “Cuba Socialista” and “Capitán Alberto Torres” in Güines, for their comprehensive efforts in food production.

Also present were members of the Party Central Committee Santiago Pérez Castellano and Juan Miguel García Díaz, head of the CC-PCC food department and first secretary of the political organization in Mayabeque, respectively


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