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Venezuela and Colombia to normalize border relations

venezuela colombia  unionThe Presidents of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro and Co lombia, Juan Manuel Santos established a seven-point accord and agreed to continue talks to normalize border relations.

The two leaders authorized the immediate return of their respective ambassadors; agreed to an investigation of the situation on the border; will meet with ministers on Wednesday, September 23, to discuss border issues and the progressive normalization of the zone; as well as continue to hold talks facilitated by Ecuador and Uruguay, among other points.

Likewise they will establish an agreement to resolve border problems for the benefit of peaceful coexistence and socio-economic development, all within a framework of strengthening dialogue and respect in accordance with international law, reported AVN.

The two leaders gave a press conference after holding a meeting in the Carondelet Palace (Ecuadorian government headquarters), which saw the participation of Ecuador and Uruguay representing CELAC and Unasur, as mediators, according to TeleSur.

This meeting came as a result of repeated calls from both parties to hold talks in order to arrive at a joint solution to the various problems stemming from the Colombian-Venezuelan border situation, such as smuggling, paramilitarism and the arrival of thousands of undocumented Colombians in Venezuela.


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