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Raúl’s message to Alicia Alonso

Vilma y AliciaHavana

September 1, 2015

Year 57 of the Revolution

Dear Alicia,

Dear compañeras and compañeros who developed and staged the ballet “Vilma,”

You have produced a beautiful tribute to Vilma and the Federation of Cuban Women, to which she dedicated the greatest part of her life’s work.

I was impressed by the television images of this eloquent performance, and the statements to the press made by several of its creators and technicians. The way in which such young artists, including some who are still children, captured and conveyed Vilma’s personality was truly moving.

This was a project born of great affection for her, as a human being and as a revolutionary, and one of deep commitment to the homeland.

In thanking you for this initiative, I do so also in the name of my family and Vilma’s closest friends.

A strong embrace,

Raúl Castro Ruz

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