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Havana to host Congress of the Pan-American Federation of Nursing Professionals

The contribution of nursing to excellence in health services” is the central theme of the 14th Congress of the Pan-American Federation of Nursing Professionals (FEPPEN) and the 16th Congress of the Cuban Nursing Society, which will take place October 5-9.

The events will be hosted in Havana’s Convention Center and will see the participation of other enfermeras eventoprofessionals, according to information provided by the Virtual Center for Health Conventions, CENCOMED.

Among the topics to be addressed are human resources training from the scientific-technical and humanistic perspectives, accreditation of nursing education programs, the process of certification of professional and job skills and pedagogical trends in teaching care work.

Other areas are related to clinical empowerment and leadership in care management, nursing involvement in health policy and human capital, technological and health care systems management, the source added.

Delegates will also focus on management systems for quality, standards for competent, responsible and safe professional practice, protocols for nursing, care, moral values according to nursing philosophy and the ethical-legal framework supporting clinical practice.

Nursing skills to prescribe, assign, manage and maintain therapeutic care systems and plans, through clinical judgment and the use of scientific methods, will also be explored during the events.

Quality of life and promoting a safe environment through care, information technology and communications as tools to spread nursing knowledge, emerging epistemological perspectives, scientific evidence, new paradigms and their scientific-methodological implications in the art of care, are all included on the agenda.

Parallel to the congresses, the Neonatal Nursing Alliance Pan American Symposium, the Network for Nursing in Child Health, the Nursing Education Network, the Community Nursing Network and the 3rd Meeting of Nursing Networks, will also session.


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