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Cuban women on all fronts

mujkeres  homenajeYesterday, August 19, in recognition of their tireless efforts to advance the rights of women, a group of 37 men and women were awarded the August 23 Distinction. The ceremony took place in the El Laguito protocol hall and was presided by Teresa Amarelle Boué, Party Central Committee member and FMC secretary general.

José Ramón Machado Ventura, Party Central Committee second secretary and a Council of Ministers vice president, presented the awards and emphasized that Cuban women “must be, and are, on all fronts in our country.”
The Distinction was granted by the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), on the occasion of its 55th anniversary, to deserving individuals based on their professional and social careers; their ethical, revolutionary values; their exemplary conduct in areas such as government, the judiciary, science, production, the arts, culture and sports.

In the words of FMC leader Arelys Santana Bello, the honorees had “accumulated important merits, by contributing to elevating the role of Cuban women.”

Among the honorees was Yunidis Castillo, winner of multiple Paralympic championships and FMC member, who expressed her pride upon being included among outstanding Cuban women who exemplify, she said, “determination, willpower and knowing how to rise to the occasion when faced with difficulties.”

Also recognized was Olga Lidia Jones Morrinson, vice president of Cuba’s People’s Supreme Court, who added that she had the pleasure of working in an institution in which 80% of the judges are women, who have made their mark on the country’s jurisprudence. She commented that this would not have been accomplished without the FMC’s contribution to empowering women.


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