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Preparations for next academic year reviewed

curso escolarEna Elsa Velázquez Co biella, minister of Education, noted that work to ensure human and material resources for the beginning of the next academic year, September 1, are progressing well in the province.

In an exchange with leaders of the sector, in addition to Denny Legrá Azahares and Nancy Acosta Hernández, first secretary of the Party in the province and president of the provincial government, respectively, the Education minister highlighted that overall the necessary conditions for a good start to the 2015-2016 school year, have been established in Guan tánamo.

However, she also emphasized the need for more effective distribution of books, work books and other school materials, as well as the physical and hygienic-epidemiological preparation of certain facilities.

This next academic year will see 734 schools operating in the territory, serving a total of 93,726 pupils, 1,863 more than last year. These students will be taught by 11,004 teachers, representing 98.6% coverage.

Alis Azahares Torreblanca, provincial director of Education, reported that the deficit of 200 teachers and professors will be filled by contracted staff, student-teachers and production and services specialists.

Ena Elsa and Denny Legrá both agreed that Guantánamo has the necessary human, financial and material resources to consolidate and improve on the results of the previous academic year.

Finally the minister of Education urged students, teachers and education sector employees to contribute to saving water in schools and other associated institutions, a priority at this time given drought conditions and the resulting deficit of this resource across the majority of provinces in the country.


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