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It”s Time to Change Measures vs. Cuba, NYT States

nytThe measures applied on Cuba by different U.S. administrations remain frozen in time and it”s time to change them, an editorial from The New York Times states today.

An article from the Times editorial board, “Growing Momentum to Repeal Cuban Embargo” states that, for decades, U.S. presidents and lawmakers tightened and, sometimes loosened, the blockade.

However, laws and regulations promulgated in a failed attempt to change the course of history of the Cubans through coercive means remain largely frozen in time, the text states.

Regarding the restoration of diplomatic relations between the two countries, a significant majority of Americans and the vast majority of Cubans want to repeal the blockade. It is time that Congress helps to change the policy towards Cuba, emphasizes the article.

About this issue, it states that a growing number of lawmakers from both parties took promising steps in that direction in recent weeks.

In that sense, Tom Emmer, Republican from Minnesota; and Kathy Castor, democrat from Florida, presented a bill in the House of Representatives last week to lift the blockade.

The Times stresses that the Senate Appropriations Committee passed an amendment early last month, to allow U.S. citizens to travel to Cuba and other relief on trade.

It said that despite executive actions by the administration of President Barack Obama, Cuba is facing the strictest U.S. sanctions and is the only country in the world that U.S. citizens are banned from traveling to as tourists.

The travel ban puts companies in the sector, such as Marriott International, in an unreasonable disadvantage, said Arne Sorenson, executive director of the firm, who recently visited the island and could see that American companies will be relegated in the Cuban market facing other foreign firms.

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