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Hillary Clinton Calls for End of US Blockade Against Cuba in Miami

hillary1Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton demanded Congress in Miamni, Florida, to lift the economic, commercial, financial blockade imposed on Cuba since 1962.

In a speech in the Florida International University, the former State Secretary urged legislators to take this decisive opportunity, in the wake of resumption of diplomatic relations between the two nations and the reopening of embassies in the respective capitals on July 20.

The US policy towards Cuba is at a crossroads and the elections next year for the White House will determine if we take a new course on this issue or go back to old practices of the past, she said.

We must decide between commitment and sanctions, between adopting a new thinking and go back to the deadpoint where we were during Cold War, she added.

She said that even many Republicans in Congress start to acknowledge the urgency to go ahead to dismantle sanctions and this is the moment when leaders must join this task or get out of the way of those who carry on with it.

She said that the blockade must end once and for all, to replace it by “more intelligent measures to reinforce US interests, and urged the Democratic leadership in Congress to join this policy.

A survey conducted by McClatchy-Marist Institute for Public Opinion released today found that 44 percent of possible electors prefer Clinton for president in 2016, 29 percent prefer Republican Jebb Bush and 20 percent prefer the controversial hopeful Donald Trump.

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