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President of Liberia thanks Cuba for its role in combating Ebola

medicos liberiaLiberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf thanked Cuban doctors for their role in the struggle against Ebola, yesterday June 14, during a meeting with Salvador Valdés Mesa, a Council of State vice president, who is leading Cuba’s delegation to the African Union Summit.

She emphasized that the Cuban brigade worked in the most remote areas, where little infrastructure exists, likewise recognizing the prestige of Cuba’s public health system, education and sports.

Johnson-Sirleaf reiterated her country’s interest in strengthening bilateral relations and applauded the talks underway between Cuba and the United States to reestablish diplomatic relations.

She praised the determination of the Cuban people who have withstood the U.S. blockade for more than 50 years, and reaffirmed Liberia and Africa’s support to ending this hostile policy.

Valdés Mesa said Cuba’s medical brigade was glad to see the eradication of Ebola in Liberia and reiterated the country’s desire to continue strengthening cooperative efforts.


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