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Cuban President Calls for Constructive Criticism

Raul Consejo ministrosPresident Raul Castro called for the constant use of constructive criticism in the context of the transformations being carried out today in the Caribbean island.

During a meeting of the Council of Ministers, the statesman reiterated the call to discuss in depth each measure and analyze everything done so far, to determine the small mistakes and correct them.

Those who draw up the proposals, those who approve them, those who lead the country, are human beings, he said. “Not always we have the experience in those tasks, so what we do should be constantly subjected to constructive criticism.”

All officials at each level have to make a critical analysis of the fulfillment of the tasks, give opinion on the right place, the right time, and with the correct forms, about the implementation of decisions, to rectify mistakes before generalizing the experiments.

“We are in the duty to calculate the consequences of each step we take and prevent, “said the head of State in the meeting held on Friday, May 29, according to newspaper Granma.

During the meeting, the functioning of non-agricultural cooperatives was assessed, after one year and seven months of its implementation throughout the island.

In that sense, the statesman expressed “the cooperatives have an experimental nature and although their application is making progresses, we do not have to accelerate the pace, we have to get the rhythm to the events.”

Issues such as the resolution of forms and payment systems, improvement of the banking system, registration of properties in the Land Registration Office, indiscipline, illegalities and administrative corruption, territorial and urban planning, temporary deficit of medicines, were discussed in the Council of Ministers meeting.

(Prensa Latina)

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