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Cocoa and Chocolate Surprises in International Event in Cuba

cacaoExperts of nine countries continue discovering surprises of cocoa and chocolate in the East of Cuba, as part of events that started here last Tuesday. A Gastronomic Seminar and the 1st Symposium of Cocoa and Chocolate have their sessions in the city of Baracoa, province of Guantanamo and first town foundeed in the island by the Spaniards, with a conference about the discovery and conquest of that fabulous mix and the arrival to these lands by historian Alejandro Hartman.

Cuban participants and others from Belgium, France, Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela and the United States will also receive explanations related to varieties of cocoa that are exploited at present and the development and perspectives of others being studied in this country.

Other lectures will approach the search, identification and conservation of creole cocoa trees in Cuban plantations and the results of the project in pilot farms.

President of the Foundation Kabkub, master Joaquin Capdevila, will present considerations on the chain of value of cocoa and chocolate, its structure, conditioning and results, while a panel will focus on that product as essential ingredient in the kitchen.

Specialists of the Latin American School of Chocolate and Pastry will present a chocolate one hundred percent Cuban with its characteristics and distinctive elements.

Both events will end on Saturday, sponsored by the provincial government, entities of the Cuban Ministry of Tourism, culinary, pastry and bar associations and the Excelencias group.

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