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Syrian Senior Leader to Bring to Cuba Solidarity Message

hilal-al-hilal-siriaThe deputy general secretary of the Syrian Arab Socialist Baath party, al-Hilal Hilal, assured that he will carry a message of fraternity and solidarity with the Cuban people, in its visit to Cuba on Monday.

The highest party leader will arrive in Havana accompanied by Abdel Nasser al-Chaifa, member of the Regional Command of the Baath party and president of the Syria-Cuba Friendship Association and Mohsen Bilal, former Minister of Information, to meet a busy working schedule.

Prensa Latina talks in Damascus with al-Hilal, who recognized the value and strength of Cubans for over 50 years, in front of the criminal economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the US government.

“The Cuban people is strong, carrier of principles and we learned from them, ‘he stressed.

‘Most importantly, he added, in addition to resistance, is to live with dignity, because that’s what matters most to the free peoples of the world, and we learned from them. ”

He explained that now they punish Syria for being one of the countries with more freedom in the Middle East, and because it was clung to its principles, which in no way can be waived.

‘Cubans and we have mutually learned, and we will go on, and my message is to continue resisting, and that we Syrians will continue resisting until success in our war, as Cubans succeeded in its war against imperialism, ” stressed Al-Hilal.

The deputy secretary general of the Baath party stressed the historical importance of diplomatic negotiations between Cuba and the United States, calling it a victory and acknowledgment to the tenacity of the island.

He reiterated that this visit, the first he will perform abroad in his capacity as deputy secretary general of the Baath party, show that “the essence is the peoples, their resistance and support to their governments in defense of their legitimate rights, and this is what we share with you the Cubans.’

(Prensa Latina)

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