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Tomás Sánchez Gives Cuba New Landscapes

Tomás Sánchez 1948 - Cuban Landscape painter (9)Cuban landscaping genius, Tomás Sánchez, will exhibit as of today in this capital 12 canvasses of big format on occasion of the 12th Havana Biennial.

With the title Painting, the artist retakies his marked attraction for nature, but exposed in original visual metaphors.

The building of Cuban Art of the National Museum of Fine Arts will show the group of recent works showing the coexistence of forests and garbage dumps full of interesting, conceptual and philosophical details.

In the opinión of the sample’s curator, Hortensia Montero, the contribution of Sanchez to painting, faced up with fervor and energy, reflects sensorial originality assumed as a life project.

The pictorial repertoir conforms universes where excellence of artistic reelaboration of his ideoesthetic assumptions, is centered in a reflexive approach of the surrounding reality and environmental problems affecting humankind, she said.

Diverse specialists describe Sanchez’s work as authentic, eloquent, with narrations of great impact, full of meanings and significance, spirituality and mysticism.

Sanchez is a virtuoso of hyperrealism and the curator highlighted the influence of practices like yoga and the conceptual intention at the momento of giving a title to each painting.

Some of the titles are: Adoration, With the door open, Isolated, Man crucified in a dump, Antagonism, Green Conversation, Cloud Thought, However, unable to fly.

The canvas Orilla (Shore) remembers his previous stages while the battle alludes to logical behaviors of the environment and in Between Silences, an artist emerges more minimalist, style with which he won the International Drawing Prize Joan Miro, in Barcelona, Spain (1980).

According to Montero, the painter proposes a world seen through his experiences and dreams in impressive images, of marked conceptual concretion that joins illusion, simulation and sham, like a building axle of a story of different realities.

The artist was professor of the National School of Art, has exposed in over 30 countries and won a medal at the 5th Biennial of American Graphic Art in Cali, Colombia, the National Prize of Painting in Cuba and a Mention of Honor at the 1st. International Painting Biennial of Cuenca, Ecuador.

The present exhibition marks the return of Sanchez to the Havana Biennial, main event of Cuban fine arts, in which he is still remembered for his first participation in the foundational edition orf 1984.

At the petition of the author, a white canvas will be placed in the lobby of the Museum of Cuban Art so any visitor can accompany him in painting.

(Prensa Latina)

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