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Cuba and the United States to Discuss Health and Law Enforcement Issues

Josefina Vidal Cuba and the United States will continue bilateral talks on a technical level, particularly on health and law enforcement, Foreign Ministry official Josefina Vidal announced in Washington at the end of the third round of negotiations to re-establish diplomatic relations.

Vidal, who is the director of the United States Division at the Foreign Ministry and headed the island’s delegation to the high-level talks, said that the issue regarding infectious disease control will be on the agenda of a meeting of health experts, who will address measures to counter such conditions increasingly affecting many countries of the world.

At Washington’s Foreign Press Center, Vidal also announced a dialogue on law enforcement, dealing with criminal activities. Included on the agency are terrorism, drug trafficking and illegal human trafficking in persons.

Havana and Washington have also addressed other topics, such as civil aviation, human rights, migration fraud, protected marine zones and
nautical charters.

(By Radio Habana Cuba)

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