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Salvadorian President to Pay Official Visit to Cuba

sanchez_ceren salvadorSalvadorian Foreign Minister Hugo Martinez confirmed today that President Salvador Sanchez Ceren would pay an official visit to Cuba on May 26-27 to make progress in trade and cooperation relations.

The foreign minister made the announcement this morning in an interview with the radio station Cadena YSKL.

Sanchez Ceren will go accompanied b y around seven ministers, who are expected to be those of Health, Education, Agriculture, Economy, Foreign Affairs and the Presidential Technical Secretariat.

Today, in the afternoon, the head of State will request permission from the legislature’s plenary to make trips abroad, as the law establishes.

El Salvador and Cuba established relations in 2009, with the arrival to power of the first government of the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front and Mauricio Funes.

Since then, both nations have worked in collaboration issues, among which consultancy in areas as health and basic literacy teaching, agricultural, environmental and academic issues stand out.

(Prensa Latina)

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