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Venezuelan Socialist Party Braces for Primary Elections

logo-psuvThe Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) on Saturday began the assemblies in all 87 electoral districts nationwide until May 24, in the light of the primary elections scheduled for June 28.

According to the mayor of Libertador de Caracas municipality and leader of that political organization, Jorge Rodriguez, 1,162 pre-candidates to the National Assembly (Parliament) will commit in those meetings to recognizing the results to be announced by the National Electoral Council (NEC).

The assemblies will also set the strategies to implement Plan of the Homeland (2013-2019) and the decisions made at the 3rd PSUV Congress, among other documents.

Running for the primary elections, each PSUV candidate will have the same poster and membership funding model through a collection plan called “This Victory Is at My Own Expense,” said the mayor.

On the contrary, for participating in the primary elections on Sunday in representation of the opposition Democratic Unity Table alliance (MUD) and being candidate to the parliamentary elections, it was set $150,000 bolivars (about $23,809 US dollars according to the official exchange rate) for the entry level.

The MUD will carry out that consultation in only 33 of the 87 electoral districts where 42 candidates will be elected and the rest will be designated through the party’s consensus.

According to the head of the Venezuelan State and PSUV president, Nicolas Maduro, the MUD candidates only include 10 women for a primary elections to be held in less than half of the country’s electoral districts, while half of the PSUV candidates are women.

According to the NEC, the legislative elections in Venezuela are scheduled for the last trimester of this year, and the date has not been set yet.

(Prensa Latina)

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