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Russia Warns about Rise of Neo-Nazi Movement in Europe

serguei-ivanov1Kremlin Chief of Staff Sergei Ivanov warned today about the rise of neo-Nazi movement in European countries, which he described as an “evident threat”.

In an interview with Russia Today International television channel, Ivanov said “In the Baltic countries, in Ukraine, the Nazis march openly: carrying torches, Nazi symbols, for all to see”.

Moscow is very concerned with the inaction of the local authorities, who do not even try to put an end to this, he added.

The rise of neo-Nazism in the world is definitely an evident threat, Ivanov said. Also in Russia, the authorities know that there is some neo-Nazi movement, but it’s not very popular.

The former Defense Minister regretted that according to several sources, 60 percent of Western population believes the United States and the United Kingdom played a more decisive role in the defeat of Nazism than the Red Army.

He recalled that there is a lot of historical documents that confirm that the Soviet Union played a key role in the outcome of the war.

 (Prensa Latina)

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