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Int”l Seminar on Longevity Ends in Havana

cuba-longevidadconfA roundtable discussion on cognitive deterioration in elderly population marked today the beginning of the last day of the 13th International Seminar on Longevity at this capital”s Conference Center.

Free issues linked to the social support of people who care the elderly, Alzheimer’s risk factors, the promotion of active aging, and the challenge to achieve a good health in the elderly will be on discussion today.

The Tenth Meeting on Centenarians will be also held today in the presence of 10 delegates exceeding 100 years, the lecture will be given by the 120 Year-Old Club.

Since its beginning on April 27, the 13th International Seminar on Longevity and its parallel events achieved to bring together about 200 Cuban delegates and 20 foreigners, a figure surpassing the participants to the 2014 event.

Along with the seminar and the meeting on centenarians, the Havana’s Conference Center also held the Ninth International Nursing Meeting and the Second Oral Health for the Elderly Symposium.

(Prensa Latina)


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