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Russia, Cuba Seek to Speed up Trade, Diversify Cooperation

cabrisas-rusiaThe Russian and Cuban governments are seeking today to give new impetus to the economic and trade relations with opportunities of trade and investments in great joint projects, within established interaction mechanisms. Almost six years have passed since the two countries signed a package of more than 30 agreements and memorandums in 2009, and ratified the strategic nature of ties between Moscow and Havana.

The special session of the Inter-governmental Commission for economic-trade and scientific-technical cooperation based on the capital of Tatarstan, subject to the Russian Federation, should provide important initiatives and decisions to reverse the declining trend in trade exchange and boost other new areas in the Russian-Cuban ties.

Vice Presidents Dmitri Rogozin and Ricardo Cabrisas, as co-presidents of the commission, will lead the high-level segment of the business forum, in which representatives of ministries, government institutions and banks from the two countries, an example of the priority guidelines on the agenda, will also participate. At the time of the meeting, the director of Latin American department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Alexander Schetinin, commented that April’s session will be involved in preparing proposals for large projects. The diplomat stressed energy, metallurgy and transport infrastructure sector as potential areas.

On his part, Ricardo Cabrisas, Vice President of the Council of Ministers, bet because the meeting, which should end with the signing of agreements, identifies possibilities, boost relations beyond trade exchange, towards other areas such as science, biotechnology, education and tourism.

Russia is an important partner for projects to modernize thermoelectric plants and the construction of new units, in four plans, to increase electricity production about 800 megawatts.

During the recent visit carried out to Havana in March, Foreign Minister Serguei Lavrov stressed the Cuban governments’ plans to develop economy and infrastructure, which are of interest for Russian companies present in the island.

The special session’s program includes a business forum, a meeting among small delegations, and a plenary session, which will conclude with the signing of agreements.

(Prensa Latina)

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