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Cuba Readies for Partial Election Runoff

cuba_alinabalseiro_upecThe National Electoral Commission (CEN) is preparing since today for the partial election runoff in Cuba, to elect the delegates to the Municipal Assemblies of the People”s Power.

During the first round, held on Sunday, April 19, about 11,425 delegates were elected and some 1,164 should be chosen on April 26 in runoff, CEN president Alina Balseiro stated.

A runoff will take place in those places where no candidate got over 50 percent of valid votes.

Balseiro described as positive and satisfactory those elections and preliminarily reported in a news conference held yesterday that more than 7,553,000 citizens voted, representing an 88.3 percent.

About the quality of vote, she stated that 90.5 percent of them were valid ballots, 4.5 percent were blank, and 4.92 were null votes.

Balseiro stressed that a 34.8 percent of valid votes were women and a 14.9 percent are young people
(Prensa Latina)

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