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ALBA Caracas Declaration: Peace Against U.S. Aggression

AlbaThe Final Declaration of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) signed in Caracas at the end of the summit held here, confirms the commitment of that group to peace in face of new United States aggressions.

The text rejects the executive decree of president Barack Obama last March 9th that declares an emergency for considering Venezuela a threat for its national security and calls for a peaceful solution of conflicts, according to the non-intervention principle.

Also, the document approved the eve by the heads of State, Prime Ministers and Foreign Ministers of the 12 member countries of the integrationist mechanism calls to act according to the United Nations Chart, with the disposition of abstaining from using coercive unilateral resources.

For Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro, ALBA thus consolidates world support to the proposal of dialog made to Washington, with respect to dignity and sovereignty.

The Executive recalled that the South American Union of Nations (UNASUR), Petrocaribe, the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and the Movement of Non Aligned nations whose presidency pro-tempore will be assumed by Venezuela this 2015.

As it was concluded by other integrationist mechanisms, ALBA also asks Obama to revoke the hostile decree and establish the dialog with Caracas as an alternative to conflict and confrontation, it asserts.

On that direction, the ALBA offered the possibility of creating a facilitating group of our hemisphere and its institutions top ave the way for a peace diplomacy, in order to alleviate the tensions and guarantee a friendly solution between the United States and Venezuela.

ALBA reaffirmed at the same time that Latin America and the Caribbean is a Peace Zone, where nations boost integration processes and friendship relations with the aim of guaranteeing greatest possible happiness to peoples.

It also emphasized that far from being a threat to anyone, Venezuela is a solidarious nation that has shown her will to cooperate with all the región and is warrantor of social peace and stability in the continent.

After calling for hostile policies to cease, it also warns that these incentivate destabilization and the use of violence on the part of Venezuelan opposition sectors.

It also denounces the international media war against Venezuela that tries to create conditions for an intervention at a bigger scale and alien to the peaceful solution of differences.

After calling for ambassadors of the ALBA nations and the social movements to spread the truth about Venezuela, the bloc also hailed the initiative of Maduro of addressing a letter to the people of the United States.

The letter that begins to have wide repercussion in news media and social networks, the President assumes the commitment of the South American nation to liberty, independence and multilateralism.

In that regard, classifies as fals and unjust, unilateral and disproportionate, the executive decree dictated by Obama, contradicting a long-standing friendship of Venezuela with the people of the United States.

The text also reaffirms the bet for peace, national sovereignty and international law, as an open and democratic society, according to its Constitution and the aspirations of its people

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