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Cuba Willing to Work With U.S. to Resolve Alan Gross Case

Alan GrossHavana, Apr 9 (Prensa Latina) Cuba reiterated its willingness to look for a resolution, along with the United States, to the case of the U.S. citizen Alan Gross, held prisoner here since 2009 for violating Cuban law.

In a note released by the Ministry of Foreign Relations (MINREX), Cuba said that any resolution ought to be “acceptable for both sides, taking into account Cuba´s humanitarian concerns in relation to the case of the three Cubans from the group known as the Cuban Five, who have continued to be unjustly imprisoned in the United States for more than 15 years,” said the note.

Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labañino and Antonio Guerrero have been imprisoned in the U.S. since 1998. They are part of the Cuban Five, which included Rene Gonzalez and Fernando Gonzalez, who are back in Cuba after having fully served their sentences.

The statement, signed by the MINREX Director General for the United States, Josefina Vidal, pointed out that Cuba is aware of and concerned by the April 8 press release from Washington stating that “Alan Gross, a USAID contractor incarcerated in Cuba

for four years and four months, began a hunger strike last week.”

The statement emphasizes that Gross has received dignified and respectful treatment, and ever since his arrest has been kept at a hospital, not because his health condition requires such a thing, but because it is a place where he can be guaranteed specialized care by highly qualifed doctors and medical staff.

Mr. Gross is in good physical condition and his health is normal and stable, the note said. His chronic ailments, typical for his age, are under control and are being medically treated. He has received visits from his wife and attorney, with whom he also maintains regular email and telephone contact, as well as with other family members and friends, in addition to receiving monthly visits from the U.S. consul and diplomats, and visits from political and religious leaders, the note added.

Gross was arrested, tried, and convicted for having violated Cuban law, by implementing a subversive program financed by Washington to establish illegal concealed communications systems that relied on non-commercial technology.

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