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@NicolasMaduro Turns One Year Old on Twitter, with Almost 2 Million Followers, Including English, French and Portuguese Speakers

On March 17, the official Twitter account of President Nicolás Maduro turns one year old online with simultaneous accounts in different languages, including English, conveying the South American leader’s ideas and opinions regarding the events in his country. President Maduro’s twitter account reaches non-Spanish speakers as well.

The tweets of the Venezuelan president, whose profile in the social network is @nicolasmaduro, are translated into English at @nicolasmaduro_en, French at @nicolasmaduro_fr, and Portuguese at @nicolasmaduro_pt.

On the eve of its 1st anniversary, the account of President Maduro exceeds 1,830,000 followers, thus making him one of the most popular and active of the region’s leaders on Twitter.

Venezuela is the world’s eighth largest country with more Twitter users, according to a report release by Comscore. Both President Maduro and his predecessor Hugo Chávez have used Twitter to immediately communicate with audiences in social networks, particularly local users.

Venezuela has the highest mobile penetration rate in Latin America, with over 30 million mobile telephone lines (102 lines per 100 inhabitants). 35% of Twitter users in the country access this network via mobile telephones.

Hugo Chávez, whose user was @chavezcandanga, was the first Latin American president who created a Twitter account on March 28th, 2010, and up until his death on March 5th, 2013, he sent an average of 2 tweets per day.

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