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Bolivia Promotes Quinoa and Organic Products

Beijing, Sep 9 (Prensa Latina) Officials, producers and entrepreneurs from Bolivia participated today in a forum here intended to promote in China the quinoa, a nutritious Andean grain, along with other organic agricultural products from that South American nation.

Led by Nemesia Achacollo, Minister of Rural Development and Land, and the Ambassador Guilleromo Chalup, along with producers and representatives of several agricultural sectors, the meeting is attended by some interested Chinese officials and businessmen.

Titled Scientfic Information Forum of Quinoa and other Agricultural Products of Bolivia, the meeting was mainly focused on the nutritional Andean grain, that in 2013 celebrates its international year thanks to the approval of teh United Nations.

The Quinoa is an ancient plant, a food with nutritional values equivalent to those of milk, for being compoused of calcium, iron, potassium and manganese, and its consumption patters ranging from grains and flakes to ots use in making pasta, pastries and chocolate’s bars.

In opening the meeting in Beijing, the Minister said that just signed a framework agreement with China on agriculture and that during their stay visited companies and specialized centers of this country, in order to promote Bolivian products and expand bilateral cooperation in this area.

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