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Syria Holds Israel Responsible for Fires in Occupied Golan

Damascus, Jul 16 (Prensa Latina) Syrian authorities accused Israel today of continuing with the policy of causing premeditated fires in the Golan Heights zone, a territory illegally occupied by Israel since 1967.

Zayed al-Tahan, member of the Quneitra Government Executive Office, in southern Syria, told local reporters that Israeli occupation authorities started a big fire on Monday afternoon which spread up to the outskirts of Hamidieh and al-Hurrieh, in the Golan area which remains under the Syrian sovereignty.

This is the seventh fire caused by Israel in less than a month, as part of Tel Aviv’s aggression policy against Golan residents, said al-Tahan.

The Syrian official also said that fires are part of a strategy to wipe out crops and destroy the biodiversity and ecosystem of the region.

Al-Tahan added that occupation authorities plunder the Golan’s wealth, steal the water, cut down the trees, and bury nuclear waste.

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