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Cuban Parlmt’s Committees to Open Session

Havana, Jul 3 (Prensa Latina) The ten standing working commissions of the Cuban People’s Power National Assembly will meet in this capital July 4-5, offical source announced.

These meetings are part of the activities that precede the First Ordinary Session of the 8th Legislature, scheduled for Saturday, July 6, at Havana’s Conference Center.

Six of these groups of parliamentarians will meet at the Conference Center, and the other at the “Victoria de Giron” Institute of Basic and Preclinical Sciences, stated Granma newspaper.

The results of the latest internal audit performed by the General Comptroller of the Republic will be taken into consideration in all committees. They will be jointly introduced by this body and will incorporate information from the Directorate of the National Assembly.

They will also discuss the organization of their work, from the priorities to be developed and approved for the second semester.

In particular, the Commissions on Constitutional and Legal Affairs and Service Sector will decide whether or not to approve a Draft Bill for Maritime Navigation.

The Commission on Economic Affairs will decide on the 2012 Budget Liquidation report, to be presented by the Ministry of Finance and Prices.

As the Council of Ministers announced June 28, the reports on the fulfillment of the Economic Plan and the implementation of the budget at the end of the first semester of the year were approved for debate in the Assembly.

The People’s Power National Assembly for this Legislature was created on February 24, and is comprised of 612 members, representing 168 municipalities, elected by the direct and secret vote cast by more than 7.8 million citizens.

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