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Venezuelan Electoral Power Endorses Presidential Polls Results

Caracas, Apr 22 (Prensa Latina) The National Electoral Council (CNE) of Venezuela said Monday that the elections were concluded on 14 April after issuing an irreversible result, in a context where an eventual challenge corresponds only to the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) .

The vice president of the entity, Sandra Oblitas, denied that the audit about to begin has the opportunity to lead to a change in the final balance of the elections.

Speaking to the newspaper Ciudad Caracas, the official recalled that the same day of the election, at the end of the day was performed a verification in 20 800 polling tables. That process, which included 54 percent of the tables, showed that there were no inconsistencies.

Subsequently a second review to one percent reported zero error and now was indicated the extension of that period with the participation of technicians from the political organizations.

The CNE’s decision to accept that audit is in the interest of sectors of the population, which may feel calm if is applied such a measure.

Calculations indicate that the extended verification would reach 12 000 polling tables, within 30 days.

Oblitas warned that this action does not represent a vote count, since this procedure is automated and the Venezuelan standards discard such a measure manually.

The audit process is a verification of the technology platform, not of the election results, she said, so who considers the process must be challenge should go to the Supreme Court with valid elements of inconsistencies.

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